VOIspeed IP Headsets

IP adapter for V-AT800 headsets

This IP adapter for headsets is PoE compatible, it features a LCD display and it ca be connected to a power supply (12v 500mA) where PoE is not available. Ideal for call centre operators where the agent cannot hold a handset.

NB: the ONLY firmware version supported is Please do not update the FW to a different version or the device will not operate correctly.

Configuration of the adapter

Connect the adapter using the LAN port (displaying the network icon). Please use a WEB browser to configure the device that by default is set to DHCP. To find out the IP address you can either use the monitoring page of the DHCP server or follow these steps: - press Menu (fourth button on the right) - enter default password (i.e. 123) - press Network and then Select (or press 6) - press Current IP (or press 2)V-AT800IP 

Enter the IP address of the device in a web browser to access the web interface: http://<IPaddress>

Go to Account

V-AT800IP con

User IDUsername (it must be the same as the extension number)
SIP ServerCompany’s domain (as set in VOIspeed PBX)
SIP Port5060
Use Outbound ProxyYES
Outbound Proxy ServerPBX’s address
Outbound Proxy port5060
Register ExpireRegister expiry time (not less than 60 sec)
Transport TypeUDP
Prefer CodecG711a
Use Prefer Codec OnlyNo
DTMF Tx MethodRFC2833

NOTE: when the SIP registration fails the login icon (here on the right) will be red., otherwise gray.

Go to Phone Settings --> Preference Setup the NTP Server (e.g. europe.pool.ntp.org) and the time zone (Time Zone) for the relevant geographical zone (GMT for UK)V-AT800IP con2 

The adapter benefits from 4 speed-dials. To program these buttons go to Menu Phone Settings - Programmable Keys. Each button can be programmed as follows:

  •  Hold: to place the active call on hold
  •  Xfer: to start a call-transfer
  •  Conf: (not supported)
  •  DND: to set the user in Do Not Disturb mode: the headsets will not receive phone calls. Please note that this change of status will not be displayed by the VOIspeed GUI. Hence it is suggested to use the GUI in alternative.
  •  CFWD: to divert calls to another number. Please note that this change of status will not be displayed by the VOIspeed GUI. Hence it is suggested to use the GUI in alternative.
  •  Speed Dial: Enter a number (extension or external). By pressing this button the system will dial a call to the number entered.
  •  Redial: it will dial the last number again
  •  Voicemail: (not supported)
  •  DTMF: it sets the DTMF mode. In this modality the system will send DTMF tones when a key is press on the keypad.
  •  Flash Hook: (not supported).

th V-AT800IP Speeddial


Each of the number from 2 to 9 can be programmed as a speed-dial. By linking a phone number (extension or external) to any of these keys, the system dials the number given when the selected key and then DIAL are pressed in sequence. This functionality can only be used with the keypad when the GUI is not being used. The numbers can be entered going to Phone Settings --> Features:

 V-AT800IP Speeddial    

pdf Configuration manual V-AT800 IP headsets 

pdf User manual V-AT800 IP headsets