Configure Timetables

The timetable is a new feature with VOIspeed 6. The timetable is composed of one or more time windows that can be allocated to one or more routing rules. Time table is the tool used by the VOIspeed to define its functioning in the period of specified time blocks which are used to determine the behaviour of the PBX.

You can define the different timetables on different routing rules on the PBX. For example, you can create a timetable for the offices opening hours which will instruct the PBX to answer the calls during the opening hours and forward them to the destination based on the routing rules and for the out of hours you can play the message. Based on the time provided by the server machine that hosts the PBX, timetable will be determined by the PBX.

To manage the timetables, go to Settings -->Timetables node.

The timetables tab displays all the available tables on the phone server. You can see the number of timetables stored in each table, and new table will display 0 timetables. You can  delete delete, search search, and  edit modify the timetables by clicking on the respective buttons.  

To create a new table, click on Add a new table icon add32

6.3 configurazione tabelle-orarie

Create the timetables

You can create the timetable after adding a new table, and then select the show details button   ModificaDettagli  to enter the edit timetable properties or to add new timetables by clicking on add button add32.

To create a new timetable, click on Add a new timetable icon add32.

Time Tables

DescriptionType the description for the timetable.
Start timeSelect the start time for the timetable.
End timeSelect the end time for the timetable.
Days of the weekSelect the day for which timetable is active.
Set DaySet the specific day when the timetable will be active.
Set MonthSet the specific month when the timetable will be active.
Set YearSet the specific year when the timetable will be active.

Examples of Creating the Timetables:

You can set timetables for limited time period by using the parameters listed above. When call is received by the PBX it compares each of the timetables and then selects one according to the parameter rules.

Note: a general note for timetable is that higher priority is given to timetable lasting the shortest period of time. E.g. a timetable lasting only 1 day will be executed before a timetable lasting all working days in the year.

See some timetables example below:

Name Time ScheduleDescriptionTime Zone Configuration
Opening  Hours Hours: 8:00 to 17:00 Mon-Fri
Time Zone: all time
Start time: 8.00 am - End time: 17.00 Week: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
Opening Hours for the month of  AugustHours: 9:00 to 18:00 on Mon-Fri Time Zone valid in the month of AugustStart time: 9.00 am - End time: 18.00 Week: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri.  Month: August
Closing WeekendSaturday and SundayStart time: 00:00 - End time: 23:59 Week: Saturday, Sunday
Summer holidaysClosed for holidays from 06/08 to 24/08 (including Saturdays and Sundays)

Start time: 00:00 - End time: 23:59 Week: none Start Date: 06/08/2012 End Date: 24/08/2012

ChristmasClosed on 25/12/12Start time: 00:00 - End time: 23:59 Week: none Fixed Day: 25/12/2012