Monitoring Calls

To monitor calls, go to Monitoring --> Calls monitor node.

The Calls Monitor tab allows you to monitor the status of active calls. You can see the company name; date/start time of the call; calling; called; connected; media and state of the call. 

monitoring calls

See below for the possible stats for a user in the Calls Monitor:

Date/Start timeShows the date and start time of the call.         
CallingShows the calling party number.
CalledShows the called party number.
ConnectedShows the name of the calling party gateway.
MediaShows the connected media of calling party (e.g. phone, headset).
Rec.Indicates whether the call is being recorded or not.You can enable the recording function from the routing rule.
StateOrange LED indicates that the phone is ringing.
Red LED indicates that the call is active.
Grey Led indicates that the call is either begining or ending.
ActionsBy clicking on the diagnostic icon  diag you can go directly to the diagnostic section on the gateway page.
You can close the call by clicking on close icon clear.
You can search for details of the call by clicking on search icon details.