Monitoring Gateways

 To monitor Gateways,go to Monitoring --> Gateways node.

The Gateways Monitoring feature allows you to monitor the status of the gateway. You can see the status of all available gateways on the server.­­­ To configure the gateway click here.

Monitoring Gateway 02

See below field descriptions for the Gateway:

TypeShows the type of interface (e.g. VoIP, WAN, ISDN, Analogue line, ISDN, and GSM).
NameShows the name of the Gateway.
SocketShows the IP address and port assigned to the gateway lines.
RealmShows the domain name of the gateway.
LinesShows how many lines are busy and how many lines are available.
StatusShows the status of the gateway whether it is active  (but verde indicates active)  or note (but grigio indicates not active).
RemoteShows the login status of the gateway to the Server (e.g. server is connected to another WAN PBX).
EnabledShows whether the gateway is enabled or disabled.
DiagnosticsBy clicking on the diagnostic icon  diag you can go directly to the diagnostic section of the gateway page.
ActionsBy clicking on the magnifying lenses you can access further information on the gateway.