Monitoring Synchronisation

A new functionality introduced with this new VOIspeed version is that all changes to the PBX can be carried out when the PBX is in use. However, not all actions can be completed while there are active calls. For example we may want to modify some user capabilities while the extension is engaged on a phone call, yet this may compromise the behaviour of the extension. It is for this reason that the PBX will wait to be in the correct status before implementing the changes. In the monitoring section you will see listed all the changes that still need to be implemented by the PBX.

Synchronisation monitoring allows you to monitor the status of all the current changes made on the web administration page that still have to be applied on the PBX. If there are no pending changes then the page will show only the words "The PBX is synchronized with the current configuration" -otherwise it will show all the remaining changes that are to be applied.