VOIspeed 6 holds number of important tools for the management and analysis of the switchboard VOIspeed.

See the sections below:


6.3 toolbox rubrica

The phonebook feature allows you to easily publish a companywide phonebook. The Shared phonebook gives you the option to display all the contacts in alphabetical order and you can filter the list to show contacts by their name, surname, and company name.  

Browse FILES

6_3 toolbox esplora-risorse

The files feature allows you to see all the information of the files available on the server. You can download, upload, modify and delete the files. At the top right hand corner there are two icons to create th add32New folder and Upload file upload32.
Each line displays under the Browse files page is either folder or file, you can see context menu by clicking on the actions icon  popup1 which allows you to perform following actions:

details Show file details: Displays the file details.
copy  Copy file: Allows you to copy the file.
move Move files: Allows you to move the file to another folder.
rename  Rename file: Allows you to rename the file or folder.
th delete  Delete file: You can delete the file or folder.
signal Create audio:  You can convert the audio file to the standard format (PCMA, 8 kHz, 16 bit, mono) used by the VOIspeed PBX. PBX converts the audio file format to standard format automatically when the audio file is uploaded at the server. You can select the multiple files and convert the format by clicking on the create audio.
You can download the file by clicking on the download iconth download.


6.3 toolbox instradamento 

You can delete, search and edit the routing rules by clicking on the delete, search and edit button.


6.3 toolbox terminali 

 You can see the all IP devices and user agent  connected to the PBX (e.g Tel / USB headset and DECT) recognized by the PBX with the possibility of setting up some parameters.




The diagnostics feature allows you to see all the latest events occurred at the PBX. You can filter the events by different parameters (e.g. Id, entity, description). You can also access to the log files by clicking on go to log files.